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Entrepreneurs, Make Sure You Have The Tools To Successfully Run Your Business!

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need became an instant best seller when it was released ealier this year.

The book featured many of today’s top business and thought leaders including Brian Tracy, Robert G. Allen, Leigh Steinberg and Mikkel Pitzner to name a few.

Now serial and multiple parallel entrepreneur and professional board member with many businesses in many varied industries across several countries and States and multiple best-selling author, Mikkel Pitzner, is giving away for free his contribution to the book that was titled Plan For Success.

Plan For Success won the Editor’s Choice Award and Mikkel Pitzner also was awarded a Quilly for the book.


  •  Far too many entrepreneurs just run their businesses by the seat of their pants, thinking the know the currrent health of their businesses, where in fact the actually haven’t got a clue.
  • Far too many entrepreneurs don’t know how to make use of the most simple and fundamental, but so essential tools.
  • Far too many entrepreneurs don’t know how to follow up on regular basis and they get surprised when all of a sudden the businesses are hurting.
  • Far too many entrepreneurs are working far too hard, failing their families and social connections as well as their health.

Avoid being one of those entrepreneurs. Know your business, follow up constantly and learn how you can become a successful entrepreneur and create the lifestyle of your dreams.

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